Outer And Inner Confidence

The way you present yourself on the outside plays a major role in how confident you feel about yourself on the inside. When I used to wear larger clothes to hide my body, I kept checking my body in the mirror. I needed to make sure my body was hidden. I also needed to check how much bigger my body actually looked like compared to others.

The only time I was able to really take care of my body and dress differently was when I was alone. I wore skirts, tank tops, shirts, shorts and anything that made me feel sexy.

As I got older, I realized there was ways to feel confident inside and out by challenging myself to start feeling confident in anything I wear and by taking better care of myself.

I started by using what I wear as an expression of myself. Hot Topic became my favorite store because they had shirts with bands and shows I loved. I ended up buying a lot of band shirts. Because many of the shirts I owned were black, I bought bright colored shirts and skirts.

The color of your clothes can play a major part in how you feel about yourself. Wearing the bright blue or red shorts I got made me feel sexy and happy. I didn’t dark like a majority of my clothes used to make feel.

Due to the bully I received of people calling me ugly, I used to straighten my hair daily so I could hide my face behind. It caused a lot of damage to my hair and dried it out. To avoid hiding my face and damaging my hair, I started wearing pony tails more often. This was challenging. I started using my hands to cover my face for a while. No one wanted to see what I was hiding behind my hair. It took time but I eventually became confident with showing my face.

During this time, I started working out. The endorphin rush increased my confidence a lot. It made me feel strong and toned. I felt like others saw me that way too.

These changes may be small but they make all the difference in how confident you feel on the inside.

What things have you done to improve your confidence?

5 thoughts on “Outer And Inner Confidence

  1. This happened to a lot. How do we over come? There are lot of things we can do, like going to gym, swimming, running eating more salads, spend some on parlour. But before you do all these, few thing U MUST follow watch mirror and start talking… “BELEIVE” You are beautiful “IGNORE” what others say “STAY POSITIVE and CALM” at any situation. Try once 😉

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  2. You must be proud of who you are and how you are. Ignore what others say. They will never knew how beautiful you are and will never realise how they hurt others. Always stay strong and proud of u.

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    1. I do things. It still affects me mentally though. Some days worse than others. But I always make sure to remind myself that I am beautiful and have people in my life that think the same about me

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  3. Great post! Confidence seems to be lacking in many people these days, especially for the young. The things that make me feel confident are similar to yours. Working out & looking good, but I also feel a boost when I get done cleaning my house, or finishing a fabulous jewelry piece. It’s that sense of accomplishment that does it for me. Best ‘high’ ever!

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