Blogging Insights # 7 Finding Fresh Content

Salted Caramel has posted a question on her blog wondering how bloggers come up with fresh content when every topic has been written about so many times. Below is my thoughts on this topic.


How do you write fresh content when everything that is worth saying has already been said ?

When it comes to finding original topics to research and write about, I admit it is difficult to find something. Some topics I can come up with on my own and other times I have to search the internet for ideas because my mind is blank. Some times I will search the internet just to see how my own idea has been talked about or if it is original. Most of the time it isn’t original and has been written about hundreds of times.

I always make that every topic I choose is relatable to my life in some way. By doing this, I can turn an unoriginal idea into an original idea just by adding my own personal experience to my writing. I will say that once in a while I can’t I add my personal into the topic but I still try my best to make it as unique as possible.

The time my posts are 100% original is when I am sharing my life updates. I think this is okay because I feel like people like personal insight into other people’s life’s. It helps people relate to others and feel like they know the person who’s blogs they read.

With the amount of people who write online, it is impossible to be original all the time. I don’t think there is a single person who expects every writer to write original content. Especially when it comes to marketing others work through blogging. Everything has been so many times to where you can’t be original anymore. You can only do the best you can.

11 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 7 Finding Fresh Content

  1. Finding an original idea is hardly possible, it may be possible, imagine writing a content that has unique idea that does not exist from 440+ million bloggers. 🥴 it’s hard. I suggest the topic could be old, what we think about that matters and that way we could make more contents out of our own thoughts and point of view 😉👍 Happy blogging 🤗✍️

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  2. You are so right Michelle! There’s nothing new under the sun! I have posted something to read later in the same day that someone had written a similar post, and I had not even seen or read it! I believe there is just unity in the Spirit at times-something God wanted shared! Things and posts just come to me at times—some random. 🙂

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