Blogging Insights # 9 – Blog Related Stress


Salted Caramel has come out with another blog related prompt. I love participating in these. Check out her page if you want to participate too.

1. What, in your opinion, is “Blogger burnout”?

I don’t think it is a thing. I think it has to do with creativity rather than being burnt out. Yes, blogging even if you aren’t making money off it or are new can be difficult but I don’t think in itself you can be burnt out. My income comes from an hourly wage job. During work and after work, I spend time blogging. I am lucky my managers don’t care if I do writing on their computers at times when it is slow. I have been doing this since the beginning of the year and haven’t gotten burnt out even though there have been time where I took breaks. It was more stress and finding a healthy balance between blogging and time for myself and privacy.

2. Have you ever suffered from blog related stress?

Yes. In the beginning I did. At first, I wanted to share everything about my life online. Many of my posts were about every detail that I did outside of work. When I was out, instead of having fun and enjoying myself, I was thinking of a way to turn everything I did and everything someone else said into a blog post. It took the fun and growth away that I wanted to gain from blogging. I ended up taking a lot of time a away from blogging to get out of that mindset. It worked and it helped me with coming up with great new topics to write about.

3. What steps could you suggest to keep blogging from becoming a stressful activity?

Don’t treat blogging as a job unless you already have the skills, the readers and followers to do so. If you do in the beginning, you will become stressed and lose interest fast. You get noticed, you need to share everything online and devote all of your time to blogging. You need to find a healthy medium between them.

Don’t ever feel like you need to post a blog daily. I have times when I do and times when I post multiple times a day. I have days where I don’t want to post anything even if I have prewritten posts. That is okay. You won’t lose any progress you have made as a blogger.

23 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 9 – Blog Related Stress

  1. I agree that blogging shouldn’t be treated like a job unless it’s someone’s conscious decision to do that, because it can end up being a distraction from what makes blogging most beneficial.

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  2. Until I’ve used up all of my free storage and have maxed out everything I can do with a free plan, I’m not upgrading to a paid plan. I blog as a hobby, and yet, I often get caught up in having the need to post on a weekly basis. I feel like I will let myself and others down if I fail to post regularly. However, once school starts and I have a super crazy schedule again, I will need to question my priorities. Last time, I didn’t blog for several months because of school, so I definitely feel like balance is key here. Blogging is therapeutic so I don’t want to give it up.

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    1. You wouldn’t be letting anyone. Your followers will still be there if taking time away is what you need. If you choose to still blog while studying, maybe you can write in between classes or schedule a time where you can write.

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      1. I tried doing that last time but it didn’t work too well. I didn’t plan my days well, and wasted a lot of time on other sites. In 2020, I’m going to be more mindful of the time I have, and how I use my free time. I love going to the arboretum to write, which is a courtyard-style indoor garden. I’ll probably spend my time there if I’m on campus and have some time to spare, instead of spending my days in the library.

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      2. That sounds like a very inspiring place. I have been to one in the past but not in a while. When I was school, I had to write in between classes and while waiting for the class to start. I didn’t have a place like that and I didn’t like sitting outside. The lunch area and the hallway was my place to write

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      3. It’s like being outside except you’re technically indoors. It has tropical plants and kinda feels like you’re in a greenhouse but it’s not hot. I would spend all of my free time there except there’s no outlets to charge laptops.

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  3. Hey Michelle, while i tried to read this i accidently unfollowed you and followed you again. Fyi. I know what you will think when you see the known person following you again, as we almost thinkalike, thought to notify you😉. Blogging is first of all not a stress until you crave for folowers or likes. Make it as your free time stuff, all the time we spend on instagram, facebook amd tiktok can be spent wisely with blogging and guess what it helps us personally and mentally✨👌Good tips Michelle! Nice point of view. Have a beautiful day✨🤗✍️

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    1. That is okay. Yes, using your time to blog and not focusing on numbers is the best way to remove the stress. I do check the numbers just to see if I made a growth but don’t make it my reason to write.

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    1. This is the best advice I have for anyone. Breaks are always needed. I take many because if i post too much because i have a lot of inspiration, i eventually get exhausted and lose inspiration

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