Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Christmas Shopping

Christmas is the only holiday that causes me the most stress. I feel like I have so much to do but not enough time or money. There are so many things to think about. I have my work schedule, money, spending limit and what to get each person. It is so difficult that I end up waiting until the last minute to get anything done.

There are a few things I have been doing to help reduce the stress when I do go to get my gifts. Yes, I haven’t done any shopping yet. The only things I got are what my sister ordered because we are splitting the cost for our parents gifts. I haven’t been wanting to leave my house to go.

I still have been doing planning in the mean time to figure out my plan when I do go next week. Below are a list of what I have been doing to plan for Christmas. These have helped take off some of the stress of shopping.


This is the most important one. With a budget, it helps me start planning what options I have to get people and where to shop. One of the biggest things it’s good for is knowing how much you have to spend without over spending. I don’t have a ton of money saved up. Most of it went towards car repairs this past month.

Before I moved out of my parents and had a lot of bills, I wasn’t concerned about a budget. This Christmas season, I have to set a budget. It will help me not over spend what I don’t have. I have set a $10 limit for each person. A budget doesn’t have to be high. During the holiday season, many things are on sale or bundled. With my tight budget and wanting to get my parents what they want, splitting the cost with my sisters was a good idea.

Gift Planning

Going out shopping is a stressful task for me. I only like going out if I know what I need to get first. The shops are full of people and I don’t like being around a lot of people. This is why I am waiting until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping. I didn’t have my youngest sister and my nieces gifts planned until I spoke to my mom.

Now that I know what to get everyone, I can go in the store knowing where to go and exactly what to grab. I will be able to be in and out of the store quickly.

Discount Stores

With money being my top stressor at the moment, I will be getting my nieces gifts at a discount store. Discount stores do have good finds. It just depends on which ones you go to. I plan on going to 5 Below. My mom told me she got gifts there for us last Christmas and they had really nice things. I am hoping to find some good things there for them.

Discount stores have a bad rap for being cheap. Sometimes it is the best place to go when you are short money or need something extra at the last minute.

My Biggest Insecurity

Even following these steps for this year, I am still stressed about having to go shopping. I am the type of person who doesn’t like going out and spending money. Most of the things I need I already have. I prefer to save as much as I need for emergencies. It seems like the most important to me. Emergencies come out of nowhere. You never know when and how much money will need when it happens.

My boyfriend gets on me about this. It is one of my biggest anxieties that he dislikes. He likes me to buy him beverages. He also likes to go out to eat weekly and we each buy. He doesn’t like when I feel like not spending my money. I have my good and my bad weeks when it comes to this. Some weeks I am fine with it and others I don’t want to spend money. I get his side that we are in a relationship and a part of that is doing things with each other.

This has fallen into how I will be going about getting gifts this year. I don’t like having to worry about money for anything. There are things above that I try but it is hard still.

How do handle the stress when it comes Christmas shopping and money?

10 thoughts on “Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Christmas Shopping

  1. I haven’t done any Christmas gifts the last few years, but before that I had gotten into a pattern of doing charity donations on each person’s behalf. No one needed any more stuff, and it was a good way to keep the amount spent within reasonable limits.

    I also prioritize saving over spending. And until you get to a point where you’re merging finances with your boyfriend, you get to make your own choices about how you want to manage your money.

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  2. It happens, It’s always about planning. Plan ahead of everything, everysingle expense that you will have to take out your purse, even that was buying a small hanky. By that way you can ignore all the unwanted shopping and actually open up for the required stuff. I hate to spend and go out. But me and my wife go out on special occasions and we least bother about money as we already prepared for it all time. Making a good finance plan is to Plan. Have a happy weekend and Happy Christmas Shopping. This weekend im planning to end my shopping with my mom’s gift. Thats the last one pending on my list.✨☺️

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  3. I love Christmas shopping, it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas but I wouldn’t be able to handle the busyness of the shops due to my anxiety, so I do most of my shopping online. Which defintiely saves a lot of stress x

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