Working On Us Week 27 – Mental Health and Holiday Season

BeckiesMentalMess has come out with another holiday prompt. Check out her blog if you would like to participate.

I don’t have too many memories or stories to share about Christmas with my family.

When I was little, I loved watching a Barney Christmas movie. It was on a tape and not a DVD. Every single day, even in the summer, I would watch it and sing to the music. I had watched it so many times that it got worn out.

Every year at the beginning of December, we used to make Christmas cookies. They were never the store bought ones. We made our own cookie dough with flour and eggs. We had cookie cutters that were Christmas trees and other designs. After cutting them out, we baked and decorated them. We made so many batches to where we had 2 containers full of cookies. They lasted well past Christmas.

I don’t remember why we stopped making them. I think we just grew out of wanting to make them. On Christmas Eve night, we left 2 cookies with milk on a plate for Santa Claus. The next morning, each cookie had one bite and the milk was gone.

The first thing me and my sisters checked were the stockings. I recall my sisters checking my stocking before I woke up. They would tell me what was in it and see if we got the same things. Once everyone was ready, we went to the living room to sort the presents. We each took turns opening them.

Every year, I bought my 2 cats a gift. I was the one that opened it and gave it to them. It’s sad I can’t do that anymore. It feels weird now to have that tradition gone.

I remember Mittens would bite the tree and ruin the bottom branches. He bugged my mom every year. I used to chase Mittens and Sassy around the tree. They both loved hiding in the presents and running out as fast as they could.

It’s been 4 years since I lost them. The black cat is Mittens and the orange one is Sassy. I still miss them every day.

6 thoughts on “Working On Us Week 27 – Mental Health and Holiday Season

  1. Hello, Michelle… Thank you for sharing your Christmas stories with all of us. It is strange how traditions break off and never seem to resurface. My family had them too.
    You made me laugh with the story about Mittens and Sassy underneath the Christmas tree… I’ve had so many pets since I was a little girl and it was always the pets that would act crazier than us kids when the tree was all set up, and boxes were there. There were more ornaments on the floor than the bottom of the tree. LOL!
    Thank you again, for sharing the pictures as well. They were both such pretty little kitties.
    Happy Holidays to you!!!

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