Holiday Update

I haven’t done much when it comes to preparing for Christmas Day. I have one last gift to get. I did pick up one gift so far for my nieces. This time of year, thought of going out bothers me. There is too much crazy people and parking lots aren’t safe because people are in a hurry.

I live in a much busier area now. When I feel like waiting to turn when the light isn’t green yet and I don’t feel like pulling out into coming traffic, people honk their horn at me. If it’s clear from my perspective that I shouldn’t turn and they possibly can’t see the traffic, they will still honk at me to go. Clearly people here care more about getting somewhere quickly rather than safely.

I said I was going to get my last gift during my last weekend off work. It didn’t happen. I know I don’t have much time and need to get that done. I will be giving my sister her cash she asked for on the day I go home because I can avoid the ATM fee that way.

When I asked my boyfriend about coming with me to my families for Christmas, he said he won’t be going. He doesn’t like being around people and prefers just to spend time with me rather than with my family. He also knows exactly what my mom thinks of him. It makes sense why he wouldn’t want to go. Not everyone’s partner needs to see their family. My mom mostly hates him because he doesn’t want to see her. She did the same thing to my sisters relationships.

I didn’t get Christmas Day off work. It was expected because everyone wants that day off. My normal days off are Monday and Tuesday. At least I can relax the day before the party to prepare myself. Only my parents, grandparents, uncle with his family and my sisters will be there. I will be bringing my puppy with me. My mom prefers me to bring him every time I visit. She loves seeing him as much as my puppy loves seeing them. My family is celebrating Christmas Day night.

At my job, a guest gave me a Santa head ornament. On it’s beard is what looks like tinsel. It got everywhere when I brought it home. It made my purse and couch shiny. I am not sure what to do with it because I find the face creepy. It is way too life like. I would feel bad for getting rid of it even though the person that gave it to wouldn’t know.

During the holidays, my job gives us two $100 gift cards. My first gift card went towards getting new headlight and windshield wipers for my car. My windshield wipers were literally falling apart. With my other gift card, so far I treated myself to a blizzard from Dairy Queen. My puppy kept trying to sneak licks from it because it had peanut butter in it. I shared my dinner with him though. I like spoiling him sometimes.

How has your week been?

14 thoughts on “Holiday Update

  1. Are your nieces your sister’s kids? Or boyfriend’s family’s kids? I don’t have nieces or nephews but I can imagine it would be fun buying gifts for them!

    I love Dairy Queen. You could probably get a few blizzards with that gift card LOL 😂 Gift cards are awesome because they are so versatile!

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    1. My boyfriend is in touch with his family. Things have happened in his past so he doesn’t keep in touch or see them. They are my sisters kids. They are fun to play with at parties. My one niece gets into the simplest games.

      I might go back today for another blizzard

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      1. The middle sister or the youngest sister? Sorry I’m being super nosy right now. 🤭

        I honestly don’t blame him for keeping his distance from his family. People expect us to be super close to our families but not all of us are, which is totally understandable if we aren’t.

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      2. It makes sense if you rarely see them. When I was younger, I saw my family in holidays and when they babysat me or when my parents wanted to see them. Now we don’t ever and are distant.


  2. I’m sorry it gets a bit awkward with your partner and family, seems to be that way with a lot of ‘in laws’ and it can really make Christmas pretty tense. Hopefully that doesn’t happen and you can spend time with the rest of your family, and then with your partner, separately. Sounds like you put the gift cards to good use! Shame you don’t get Christmas day itself off but I hope you enjoy today and tomorrow, make the most of doing whatever you’d like to do and enjoy it as much as possible. Merry Christmas lovely 🎄
    Caz xxxx

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    1. I will be spending Christmas separately with my family and then my partner. It would have been nice having Christmas since it’s the only holiday I asked for off. I hope you have a good Christmas too. Merry Christmas

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