Ways To Develop A Creative Mindset

Having a creative mindset can help you feel like your living your life more freely and you help you feel like you aren’t trapped in your current state. Without it, succeeding in your goals in life can be difficult. This means creativity can be what you want to do in your free time or in your career.

For a while, I didn’t believe I had an creativity. After I had written and shared one book with the world or one blog post I wrote while volunteering, I felt stuck. It felt like the end of my writing career even though I wasn’t earning anything from it and still am not. That is what held me back from continuing down the path I wanted to take. There didn’t seem to any option other than giving up.

Months later, I realized I needed to make a plan and create my own opportunity to grow as a writer and put my voice out there. This started with researching and planning. I had to find out what my goals were and trust in myself that I could reach the place I wanted to be at and trust in myself to follow those goals and plan.

Don’t Give Up

Normally when we come up with steps to reach a goal, there is one step each of the way we have to pass. If we fail at one of those steps, our mind tell us to give up. There is no other option. You only think of these steps. There isn’t any thing else you can do to progress further.

When I felt this way, it turned out I was wrong. It took me months, but I eventually realized it. So what if I failed at being successful with book publishing. So what if I can’t get a job at in news publishing. So what if I can’t get a job in editorial. So what if I am unsuccessful in finding good volunteer jobs. I just needed to find my own work. I needed to find a way to find a way to reach these goals on my own and improve my writing. It doesn’t need to be paid work; even though it would be a nice bonus.

I decided to change my plan to blog writing. Yes, I failed at first. After that, I grew and learned how to be a better writer. Blogging improved my life more than going to school ever did. Don’t be afraid to change your steps a bit if your current steps fail.

Try Something New

We are creatures of habit. Throughout our day, we tend to do the same things. Our morning routines stay the same. We walk the same paths outside. The type of movies we watch are the genre. We eat the same types of food. We shop at the same stores. It is rare for us to change unless it is similar to what we are used to.

Taking chances and trying anything new is hard for me. It feels like someone is asking me to jump off a cliff. I won’t do it. I never watch different movies or try new foods. It doesn’t sound fun to me. If I wanted to reach my goal, I had to. I needed to get into a creative mindset somehow.

Writing something that wasn’t in the form of a novel was definitely out of my comfort zone. In school I did different styles of writing. The difference from that to blogging was my teachers told me what to write and gave me a layout of how to write it. Bloggers don’t have that. I read other people’s blogs to learn but reading and writing are way different. At least for me it is because I learn by doing.

When I made the decision to start blogging, I failed at all of my writings I posted. You could even go look at my first blog posts. They were awful. I still kept writing and posting though. Over time, I learned the new skill of blog writing.

Step Away

Sometimes forgetting about what is bothering you for a while can be a good thing. Finding a relaxing way to clear your head can help make room for more creative thoughts. It worked for me even though it took months.

You can try doing a creative activity. Doing something creative is a great way to bring in more creative thoughts.

You can also this time to drive or visit a part of where you live you haven’t seen yet. Look at famous art. Listen to different styles of music. Read a book you have been meaning read but haven’t gotten to yet. Creativity can be found in places you never expect to find it.

I see it as similar to when I am looking for inspiration in what I’m working on. Anything I see or hear can bring back a memory or give me a thought that I can use in my writing. It can also just help me grow as a person.

How do you find your creative mindset?

5 thoughts on “Ways To Develop A Creative Mindset

  1. I think being willing to move outside your comfort zone is a huge part of tapping into a creative mindset. Before I made the decision to start blogging it was something that had never crossed my mind at all, but I’m very glad I decided to take the leap and go for it.

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  2. We all are a creative creature, like you mentioned we all can be creative. Like I’ll give some tips, stop relying on google for everything. Think, try something, keep trying we can always do something that others don’t. We may be wrong, but we are enhancing our creativity during the whole process. Beautiful post to discuss. Have a beautiful day Michelle!✨

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