Christmas Day Update

I hope you all had a good Christmas. Even though I had to work that morning, I still went to see my family in the evening. When it got to the end of my shift, I was stressed about having to go back home to pick up my puppy and being around everyone. I was so stressed that I had forgot what I was doing when I was handing in my things at the end of my shift. The last time I had a bad memory was when I was preparing to get my own place.

It ended up being an okay Christmas party. I don’t talk and get a long with everyone that was there. My sisters husband and my other sisters boyfriend don’t talk to me. Being around them is what causes me a lot of anxiety. I am always the odd one out.

I did get gifts that I love from everyone. I got a water only oil diffuser, a Simba stuffed animal, gift cards, blankets and fluffy socks. I ate so much food as well and took some home for later. Cheesecake and the taco dip was my favorite. I also got a free meal at work that almost made me too full to eat with my family.

The first thing I have tried is the oil diffuser. I added filtered water and a few drops of essential oils. It smokes the oils out of the top. You can also make it light up. It was beautiful in the dark. This is my favorite gift because it disperses the oils very well. When I was using cotton balls, the scent stayed in one small area. Now I can smell lavender throughout my entire apartment. I love it.

My place is now more messy than before with all the gifts. I am not a very clean or very messy person. My place always looks in between that. I could put the stuff away instead of storing it by the door until I try it all but I am too lazy.

Work has been super busy lately with the holidays. It has been tiring me out. I did get a couple tips and caribou gift cards from guests. I was not expecting that. It makes me happy they care about me enough to get me gifts.

My boyfriend worked late on Christmas Day so I didn’t get to see him. He is now on break from school but is sick. There is a flu going around and he just got it. I was hoping to spend extra time with him on his break but I don’t think that will happen now.

I have no plans for New Years. I am not into partying or drinking. I will just be relaxing at home and maybe use my Dominoes gift card. Staying home that day will be safer than being out on the road with people who do party that day. On holidays, I have seen plenty of people on the roads swerving and driving in the middle of the road.

What are your plans for New Years?

9 thoughts on “Christmas Day Update

  1. I’m glad you got the diffuser! It’s such a nice thing to have. That’s too bad your boyfriend is sick. Hopefully he’ll recover quickly. I will be doing the same as you for New Years. It’s never been something I cared much about.

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