My 2019 Blog Stats

Ashley from Mental Health @ Home did a post talking about her blog stats for the year. I though I would do the same.

I haven’t been blogging the whole year. I started getting into it around April. I had a lot of free time and needing something to fill it with. That is when I decided to get back into blogging.

In 2019, my most popular posts were Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis Review that I did for Ashley. My next 2 were Working On Us Week 26 – Codependency and Psychological Effects and A Women’s Health Is More Than Numbers On A Scale. I think the last one became popular because it was on a video by a well-known online fitness instructor. The video had a lot of good information in it with a positive message.

My worst blog posts were Jean Shopping Struggle and I Did The Uncomfortable. These 2 posts got one read each. These were some of the first posts I did earlier this year. It makes why they have one read each. Looking back, most of my low read posts are from earlier this year.

I don’t see a link in which posts of mine got the most reads. It seemed to be random. Some were updates on my life, some were prompts and others were the ones I did research on. I think this shows it is hard to predict which posts will do well and which won’t.

I wrote 136 posts. That is a lot considering I have been posting almost every single day lately. I am proud of myself for that. It comes to 68.8 K words. When I think about it, it does not seem like I put that much time into this blog.

With all of my posts stats combined, I have gained 1,071 comments and 1,539 likes. I have also gained 143 followers. I am thankful for every one of them even they don’t comment and like all of my posts. I never expected to gain any of these stats in less than a year.

Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented, liked and read my posts this year.

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