Flu Season Hit Me Hard

I haven’t stopped blogging. Many times, I have logged on and attempted to read, comment and write. I just haven’t had the energy or have been able to think clearly. As I am writing this, I am still extremely tired. I woke up this morning with my throat in a lot of pain. I have missed being on here so much that I am pushing through it to write this.

This is my 5th day being sick. It first started hitting me with just a runny nose. From there, it turned into a stuffed up nose, a headache, earache, sore throat and coughing. Even though it has been five days, I don’t feel even slightly better.

The last time I was this sick was when I moved just over a year ago. All of the heavy lifting, going up and down the stairs and stress of being in a new place made me ill. I was in pain, coughing and could barely get out of bed. I don’t know how managed to work and go out at that time. I am not in pain this time. The pain this time is mostly caused from blowing my nose every 10 seconds.

I went to the free clinic at my job yesterday when I got off work. Because I haven’t gotten any better in 4 days, I wanted to know if maybe what I had was worse than a cold. I was starting to experience hot flashes when other people were cold. My sister told me she thinks it was menopause. I told her “OF COURSE NOT. I AM NOT THAT OLD.” I am only 30 years old. I have a while yet before I reach that point. The birth control I take obviously affects me but not to that extent.

When I went to the clinic, I answered their questions about what I was feeling. My blood pressure was normal. When they tested me for pain in my face, I felt nothing. The pain I feel isn’t real, so I didn’t expect to feel anything. When they checked my throat, it was inflamed. They didn’t tell me the test on my throat came back with anything. My ears were clogged, so they had to flush them out. My ears weren’t sore they said. I take the build up of ear wax and blowing my nose is making them clogged. They do feel better with them being cleaned out a little bit. My heartbeat was high. I told them it was from anxiety. My whole time there, I was sweating and nervous they might do a blood test. When I get blood drawn, I pass out and shake. I didn’t want that to happen because I had to drive home and I was exhausted enough from being sick.

In the end, I was told I just had congestion. My body temperature was at 98. I was glad to have that confirmation. Going there was a waste of an hour but at least I know I have just a cold.

My boyfriend has been wearing a face mask around me. He says it’s because he doesn’t want to get sick. Before when he got sick, it turned out he just had the stomach flu. All this time I thought my cold came from him. He said if he gets sick, his CPAP machine won’t work. His nose needs to be not stuffed up like mine is. He won’t take the face mask off until he knows I am not sick anymore. I don’t know if I should be offended when he wears it around me or not.

He hasn’t gotten what he needs from the doctor to move in with me yet. I told him he might be best to take another way to work and home until I am better. He won’t need the face mask if he does. He said no because he knows I still want to see him and I would be upset if he took a different way to work and home. I appreciate that. Until I get better, I will have to get used to seeing him looking like a robber.

He does say the face mask is hard to breath through. It is one of those black ones that cover your whole face with two little tube hole things for breathing. It is difficult for him to breath through it but he wants to do it anyway so we can still see each other.

I have many more things I want to write about and more prewritten new years posts I want to share. I haven’t had it in me to add the tags and photos and reply to comments. I most likely will still do them for something to do now that I have a week off from work. I took PTO before I became sick because I wanted to relax. I can’t now with being sick. It always has to happen at the worst time.

19 thoughts on “Flu Season Hit Me Hard

  1. Your boyfriend is so caring and puts your health and his health first which is amazing ♥️ I like this guy even though I haven’t met him.

    This flu is REAL even if the tests are coming back negative. I had an awful bug during the holidays which lasted 2 weeks. Luckily, I recovered just in time for Christmas and the good news is that you can speed up the recovery process with an amazing product called Tylenol Complete (Day/Night). It kicked in right away when I started taking it in Week 2 and seriously worked. I was able to function like a normal human when I took that stuff. I almost never take medication, unless I’m absolutely desperate LOL

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    1. That moment made me lucky to have him in my life. I have drink honey in tea for my throat. I should take something for my nose but I can’t get myself to. I have read about people having bad experiences while taking medicine when sick that I get too scared to take it myself. It’s a stupid fear for me to have

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      1. My nose was so bad I looked like Rudolph. Whenever I’m sick, I cannot stop sneezing. Most over-the-counter (OTC) medications are usually safe, but I would still recommend speaking to a pharmacist or doctor about OTC meds just to be safe. With all the various kinds out there, it’s hard to know which ones are safe to take. Even if it’s Advil or Tylenol, I still don’t hesitate to talk to the pharmacist first before purchasing medicine. Better safe than sorry. 😊🤗

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      2. My nose looks like that. I have been sneezing a lot. Especially at work. Every couple minutes, I would sneeze three times in a row. Yesterday, I think I heard “bless you” about a hundred times. I was recommended anything over the counter for congestion.

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      3. If I sneeze, I say “Excuse me.” If someone else sneezes, I tell them “gesundheit!” which is German for “health” I think.

        Disclaimer: I don’t know German except a couple of worlds like “Hi, how are you? Goodbye!” 😂

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      4. I also know Gluten Nacho, which is not actually a German phrase. It’s the autocorrect’s version of “Guten Nacht!” which means good night. 😴🌙

        I don’t know a word of Spanish except maybe a couple of numbers. I’ve seen Dora the Explorer a couple of times at most.

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  2. Oh no 😦 it’s such a pain this time of year as there is so much going around! It’s lovely you have someone looking after you. Flu completely wipes you out and have no energy so having someone look after you makes it easy to deal with! I hope you are feeling better soon xx

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    1. Today I am finally feeling a little better. My nose isn’t as stuffed up and my head isn’t in as much pain. I feel like relaxing with lavender oil helped me start to heal. Thank you

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  3. Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so rough. Colds and flus can really, really knock the stuffing out of you, so to speak. Rest up and I really do hope, a few days after you wrote this, that things are easing a little. xx

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