Lead Receptionist Job Interview

Just before I got sick, I went to a job interview. It has been a while since my last interviews. I have been applying to jobs here and there but never hear back or get an email saying they have moved forward with other applicants.

This was the only one of the many that responded back to me for an interview. I had to go and try. It is about 5 minutes closer to me than the my current job. Depending on the time of the day and traffic lights, it might be the same distance. I wouldn’t be taking the highway to get there like I currently do.

The job title is a lead receptionist. It would involve doing the job of a supervisor at my current job. She explained it in a way that made it seem it was. From what I have learned, not many places have a supervisor or an assistant manager. They only have a manager and someone below them with a different title that does supervisor work.

Job Duties

My job duties would be more office work than I currently do as a hotel clerk and I would be working with elderly. The place is similar to a nursing home. They help elderly people live as independent as possible for as long as they can. They get on site care close to the same care in a nursing home but they don’t get any help when it comes to basic living needs. If they were to call the front desk for help with an item in their room that wasn’t working, they would be told to call the company for help.

Because they are assisted living, my hours wouldn’t be set to during the day. Especially with the job title of lead receptionist. I would be expected to solve issues during my off hours and fill in on a grave shift if someone called in sick and I am unable to find another person to fill the spot. I wouldn’t be doing overtime or a double shift if that happened. The manager would be taking my regular scheduled shift instead. This would take me time to get used to. I am not used to being responsible for anyone but myself at work. I know it time, I can learn and do it.

The job will involve more office tasks than I am used to. As a hotel clerk, I use just the hotel program and outlook. I only know the basics of other programs through school. Many of the other tasks are similar to what I already do. I would answer phones, assist people when they need help and faxing. Ordering office supplies and setting up spreadsheets will be new tasks for me. I am hoping my lack of on the job experience in those areas will keep them from considering me for the job.

Interview Process

The interview process was much better than my last one. The application didn’t ask me to draw a picture to make her laugh or ask me what I would spend a million dollars on.

I was interviewed by the manager. She asked me basic questions. Two of the ones that stood out to me were when she asked me how I would handle a stressful situation. She gave me examples that I didn’t know I was expected to answer to. I came up with my own instead. She gave me the chance to respond to hers though to make up for my mistake. The next question was on my weaknesses according to my managers. I remember giving honest answers. I don’t know if that was a mistake or not. One thing I said was communication. I am not always the best communicator in all areas of my job. Because this jobs requires a lot of communication with the manager, I am thinking I shouldn’t have given an honest answer to this.

I stutter a lot in interviews because my mind is racing with thoughts of what to say and I am nervous. It is something that is hard for me to control and stop during interviews. This aside, I gave it all of my confidence.

I was her first interview. This week I might hear back for a second interview. I wanted to start of the year trying again for a better paying job and a new job that will help me learn new skills. I have been at my current job for 12 years almost. It is time for me to learn new things.

What are your thoughts on job interviews?

14 thoughts on “Lead Receptionist Job Interview

    1. I’d agree with that. It does feel there are preferred answers. And a preferred way to look. A lot of it depends on what they’re looking for (which may not necessarily be the kindest person that’s the most qualified and most able to do the job) rather than anything to do with you per se. I’ve also found the interviews where I’ve felt I’ve done well are the ones I either got rejections from or heard nothing back from at all, and the ones I thought I messed up were the ones where I got job offers. Go figure! x

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  1. interviews are to see if you are a “fit” in the personality of the work place. most of the time they have the info they need from your resume. or they need some thing cleared up from the resume.
    good luck

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    1. I must be bad at first impressions with the number of interviews I have done with no call back.

      I have gone to interviews that felt like they didn’t look at my resume. I went and was told at the end that they might not call me back because they want to hire from within the company.


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