How Has My Week Off Work Been?

Tomorrow is the end of my vacation. If I am lucky, I will have Monday and Tuesday off like I usually do. Which means I work one day and have another vacation. I am hoping for this. This week off has been bad but it is ending on a good note.

At the beginning of this week, I drove back home to take my dog to the vet for his yearly checkup and heart worm test. He is healthy and ways 7.3 lbs. His is small English toy spaniel. I keep the same vet back at home because they are good and have an online pharmacy. I don’t mind the 45 minute drive for this reason and because I can see my family. I spent time with them after the appointment. I do miss living with them.

I got to spend some extra time with my boyfriend. His birthday is coming up in 2 days. He will be 32. I liked having extra time with him in the morning and not having to rush to work. We still play Runescape together. I got to talk longer with him about it.

I on my first day of vacation, I spent it watching 2 movies. I watched Five Feet Apart and Pet Semetary. Both were good movies. Five Feet Apart made me cry. When the girl was finally able to get the lung transplant and leave the hospital, I cried. It meant not being able to see her boyfriend anymore. His trial didn’t work to heal his illness. After she woke up from surgery, he made her wish come true and said goodbye. It was the saddest ending to a movie I have ever seen.

I had a lot of stress with my car. It started randomly dying on my at stop lights. When I stopped, it would shake and die. I couldn’t move it even though it had power. The last time I was at the auto getting my control arms fixed because they collapsed, I was told to keep an eye on the battery because it failed their test. I also noticed the oil percentage was working to know when I need an oil change. I called the auto shape to get my car in for an oil change and a battery change. I thought maybe that was what was causing my car to die while driving. My car started back up just fine after I turned it off and on.

I went in on Friday morning. I maxed out my credit card for that shop with all of my recent expensive repairs. When I left with my new battery, I felt like my car was working great. Later that day, it turned out to not be true. It died on me while driving. I had to turn my car off and on. I have been all week because it has happened more than once and my car was losing the power to drive often. It was whining when trying to gain speed.

The plan I set with my boyfriend was to wait to replace my car when he moves in that way we can use both our incomes and get a new car. The other was to wait until I got my taxes back if I couldn’t wait until then. With being stressed out over these issues, maxing my credit card and worried about being stranded, I couldn’t hold off.

I have never went to get a vehicle on my own before. My dad always took me. This time, I made all the decisions on my own. I researched online what the process is like and what to expect. After I found the type of vehicle I wanted, I researched different prices to make sure it was the best deal. I can’t afford a new vehicle. After I pay all of my bills, I have around 200 left over. I had to go with preowned. Once I felt confident and like I found the best price, I drove to the dealership.

The person in sales who helped me was kind. He helped me through the process. I had no idea what I was doing. He was descriptive. Once I told him what I wanted, we started with me test driving it. When I was sure I wanted it, we started the paperwork. He expected to pay in full with cash and not finance it. I thought they usually expect you to finance. I would have paid in full if I could. I don’t have that much in my savings though. I luckily got approved for financing over 36 months and can afford it. It was a bit higher a month than I expected but it’s still in my range. Now I can use my tax money to pay my credit card off like I originally planned.

My new car is a 2006 Toyota Corolla. I love they way it feels. It makes me happy to own a car that I don’t have to fear when driving. I didn’t have the title with me to give to them. My dad said he has it. I will have to get tomorrow so I can bring it to the dealership Monday.

How has your week been?

8 thoughts on “How Has My Week Off Work Been?

  1. Great to hear about your car – Looks reliable and it’s YOURS! 🙂 Last week was busy but I felt very productive so that’s good. Sometimes it’s busy and feels like I don’t get ahead so this was a good feeling.


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