My Life During Covid-19

For the longest time, nothing very interesting happened in my life. My social anxiety prevents me from going out and making things happen. I have always wanted my life to be more interesting. I didn’t expect a new virus to cause a major event in my life. It has made me miss my usual routine and things being easy.

A couple weeks ago, my job closed down temporarily. They have been keeping all employees up to date with information and sending email telling people how to fill out the unemployment application. For the first 2 weeks, I got supplement pay. I decided to use PTO to receive more money until the new rules for unemployment become available. I do only have 2 weeks of PTO saved up to use. Hopefully the new guidelines will be in effect by then.

I kept up with the news on the new virus for the longest time. Everything seemed okay where in my country. I didn’t think it would affect my life. Now that it has. I have been more stressed out than ever. Just over a year ago, I moved out on my own and got a feel on what it’s like to be independent. I felt somewhat secure with money. Now, I am afraid of having my independence taken away because so many things are unknown. I may be placed on temporary furlough but I don’t know when I become employed again.

I thought about taking this opportunity to apply for jobs. I did 2 days ago for one job. Knowing there are still jobs I can apply for doesn’t help someone like me. I have talked a lot about my struggles in finding a new job in the past that I won’t go into the details right now again. For someone like, I am left to worry about what when my job reopen and stress over paying my bills.

Over 300,000 people have applied for unemployment in my state. There is a lot of talk over long wait times for receiving their first check and talk about it being unknown for how long it will take for the new guidelines to take affect. With hundreds of thousands of people struggling, I thought they would be quicker and have everything set faster. Just because they are putting off evictions and foreclosures doesn’t mean those miss payments won’t be owed later. I live close to paycheck to paycheck. Because I am not working, I don’t get paid the shift differential. I will lose around $30 a month from this.

Since the day my job closed, my boyfriend has been working from home. I have been taking this opportunity to all day during the week staying at his place. This extra time with him has helped me deal with some of the stress. On the weekends when he is busy with school, I am back to being stuck alone at home worry about everything again. My mom said if the worst happens, I still have a place at home with them. This offers some comfort but not something I want to have happen.

There are people who are worst off than me during this time. People have completely lost their jobs due to lack of business and gotten fired. They are as lucky as me to have a job later to go back to. Sorry for ranting but I felt like sharing about how I am feeling about it at the moment.

Spending hours a day with my boyfriend has brought on new worries. It makes me worried if my behavior will make it difficult to get along. Things are okay now but I still haven’t changed how I am. If anything causes me to feel anxious, I act on it. It has also made me concerned about not having any time to myself. I enjoy spending time with him but I also need time be away from people to do things I want to do. When the time comes where we move in together, I am sure we will have everything figured out by then.

My boyfriend isn’t a clean person. It took us a week or a little longer than a week to properly clean his place so he can move in with me. His managements office is closed but I feel like we are finally closer to him moving into my place.

We just controller to play 2 player games on the Switch and watched the new Jumanji movie together. We have also been playing mobile games together. I enjoy being able to make us food instead of always going out to eat. It is a great distraction. I am glad he started working from home when he did.

Has the coronavirus affected your life? Are there good and bad changes that have happened in your life?

6 thoughts on “My Life During Covid-19

  1. Just because other people have it worse doesn’t mean your situation isn’t hard. Does taking your puppy out for walks give you a bit of alone time? When I have lived with people in the past, it’s been really important to carve out a bit of alone time.

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  2. Think of it like a marriage test run, living with your boyfriend! 😊🤗 My husband is really messy, and he likes to collect junk. Lately, I’ve been spring cleaning the house and have been helping out as much as I can with the cooking and organizing. He cleans and I organize. The spring cleaning has helped to lessen my anxiety. Turns out that too much clutter gives me a ton of anxiety.

    I admit that life is challenging right now. We have it pretty good compared to other people, but it’s still challenging for us. COVID-19 seems to be bringing out the nastiness in people it seems, from snarky rants to arguments. The other day, a “friend” sent me a very whiny rant which I did not agree with at all which lead to a full-blown argument. At that point, I had to walk away to calm down. I honestly thing these bad attitudes are a result of the situation that we are in, but at the end of the day, we need to see the good too. Practicing gratitude really helps us feel grounded. 🙏🏻💕

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    1. I told them I want to use this time to prepare for living together. It will be a big change for me and challenging but I am excited for that chapter to start. Hopefully it will be easier when the time comes.

      I learned the same thing about me when helping to clean his place. I don’t like having piles of things. All I wanted to do was throw everything away.

      For awhile I had trouble seeing the good. I have had to remind myself what this time has given me.

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  3. What a sweet dog! I think being at home with your partner all day can be a good test of your relationship. There are some good things about the current situation. Some of us are getting more time (not me). Having to stay local means that it’s an opportunity to really explore where you live. There’s also no pressure to ‘see’ everyone for social gatherings or a need to travel to visit anyone. It is hard though but it’ll be a story in your life that you can tell. It isn’t your forever.

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