Should Our Past Mistakes Ruin Our Futures?

Lately on YouTube, there have been many longtime creators quitting YouTube because of past mistakes. One in particular is Shane Dawson. I have been watching him since I was high school. He recently started getting bullied for racists and sexual comments he has made about children. There could more but these stand out to me the most.

In one of his old videos from about 10 years ago, he created a blackface character that made fun of black people. At the time when YouTube was new, this kind of comedy was popular. He caught everyone’s attention and got him to the place he is today. In my state of Minnesota, 2 cops were accused of choking a black man to death. People marched the street, started fires and stole from stores to end racism. Now that this is over, people are finding new ways to end racism.

I don’t know Shane Dawson. From what I can tell from what he puts up online, he is a friendly and caring guy. Many of his friends are people who make many mistakes. Those friends always talk kindly about how Shane is there for them when they need someone to talk to. He grew up in a poor family and was bullied for being overweight. He talks a lot about his struggles with his body and sexuality. His channel grew to where he makes most of his jokes about himself. It’s how he deals with how he feels about himself. As figured out who he is as a person and became more comfortable.

This change in him shows people can grow into a better over time. It can be slow for some people but nobody stays the same. A common saying I have heard is that we change as people every 6 months. Anything before that time isn’t a reflection of who you are now.

I have recently seen many YouTuber’s quit their decade long careers because they are all getting bullied for past mistakes. People have this thought that in order for someone to be successful, they have to be perfect their entire life. They aren’t allowed to make mistakes as a young adult. To end racism, we have to start by ending people who were racist in the past. This thought doesn’t work.

Nobody is perfect. The people bullying these creators have probably made racist comments and jokes in the past. They have probably made other mistakes too. Should their future careers or life be over? I don’t think so.

We need to stop making people feel like their past mistakes determine their future. I see it happen everywhere in the media. Athletes and actors get dropped because of an insulting tweet they made 20 years ago. It needs to stop.

What do you think about people being bullied for their past mistakes? Do you think it’s okay for people to lose their jobs for past mistakes?

10 thoughts on “Should Our Past Mistakes Ruin Our Futures?

  1. I was just reading yesterday about a letter appearing in Harper’s Bazaar signed by a bunch of well-known authors and other people speaking out about cancel culture.

    I think it’s hard with Youtube and other social media platforms because it’s a very fickle kind of fame, and it’s so easy for users to just unfollow at the drop of a hat.

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  2. Having fame comes with a price. They are bigger targets because they are famous. If they weren’t famous and were “nobodies,” nobody would really care. I was listening to a business guru yesterday who was talking about this…. he said that although he is a multi-millionaire, he does not want to be famous. He says that fame can’t really be avoided the more successful you become, but he makes a point to stay off of other social media platforms other than YouTube. His speeches are super good but he doesn’t have a podcast. Just YouTube, and even then, the videos are far and few in between.

    Shane Dawson is a famous YouTuber who is known for being a social media “influencer” (dare I say that word) so he is a target for being bullied. Some YouTube’s can handle the naysayers and others cannot deal with it, so they quit. Same goes for blogging. Some bloggers quit because they got popular and couldn’t handle the bullies that came along with that popularity.

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      1. I have a FB, IG, and even SnapChat account after some reluctance, but I don’t use them. I can’t log into them since I don’t know my passwords. I gave my passwords away to my husband so it would be a huge hassle for me to log in. It’s not worth the effort. Social media does make me curious but then I remember why I don’t use them. Agreed – it’s full of negativity. Personally, I only use YouTube for educational purposes. Email and texting work for me even if it’s an inconvenience.

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  3. the past is just what it is…the past. if someone is still acting the same way they were 10, 20, 30 or more years ago then that is an issue. are their beliefs the same as all those years ago? then yes they should be called on the carpet. i would be more concerned about who they are now.

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  4. Nobody should be harshly judged for their past mistakes as long as they learned from their wrongdoings and never to make them again. Otherwise, we will never able to rehabilitate ex-prisoners and the only way for them to survive will be turning back to crime.

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