How Inflation Has Affected Me

This isn’t meant to be a post complaining. It is something I haven’t seen talked about and I would like to share with others how it has affected my life.

In recent months, the cost of food and gas has gone up where I live. I live in Minnesota. This time of year when it gets colder, the price of gas goes down about 20 or 30 cents a gallon. Since it hasn’t gone down it has took more of my income away than it normally would. The current price of gas jumps between $3.20 and $3.08 a gallon. It usually would only cost around $2.60 a gallon this month. Even though it is less than a dollar more, I still feel it affects on my already small yearly salary.

Many of the cheap foods I buy have also gone up in price. One of my favorite cheap foods to get is Korean ramen. I love all the different flavors they come in. A pack of five typically costs around $4.50. With the rising costs to get that type of ramen in Minnesota, they now only come in packs of four for more $6. Scott toilet paper has gone up by $2. Canned soup has also gone up in price. I miss the days of not having to worry which items to buy.

Anther bill that has gone up in price is my electric bill. It costs about $20 more a month than it used to before the pandemic. Electricity is a must in Minnesota because the temperature can get in the negatives in the winter. I also recently received a notice they are trying to raise my electric bill higher to pay for green energy projects. They are trying to raise it by another $21. It makes me upset that everyone is trying to force people to switch over to being more green when there are people who can’t afford it or don’t have the means to switch. I live in a condo and only own what is inside my walls. It would only be up to my HOA for if I can go green or not. I also can’t afford to do it on my own because it is expensive to change your outlets and get the panels.

My income is on the smaller side for where I live. After taxes and insurance, I make abut $25,000 for the year. The average single person in Minnesota is expected to make about $38,000 a year. Even if you count my salary with taxes, I am way under that amount. Wages should be able to keep up with inflation. It’s upsetting that we are in a place where 2 incomes are required to live comfortably.

Has inflation affected your life?

7 thoughts on “How Inflation Has Affected Me

  1. The price of gas is ridiculous here in Canada. And the cost of food has doubled in price. I stopped buying as much as I used to and started eating out less. I also started to cut back on the amount of food I was eating and lost weight, so that’s the only good thing that came out of inflation – being mindful of not wasting food and only buying what we really need.

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    1. I have just received my refund from being on unemployment. I also got all of the stimulus checks. I actually used the stimulus checks to buy new windows because I needed them. I was cold last winter from all the heat getting out

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