My Journey To Healthy Hair

Last year during lockdown in the US, I had very dry hair. I can remember how my hair was all the back to intermediate school. My mom has family photos on the wall of how my hair looked to remind me. Back then, my hair was very big to the point it looked thicker than it actually was. I had a lot of frizz. The knots never went away. Seeing everyone else have smooth hair made me jealous.

After I got my first job, I used that money to buy serums and a straightener for my hair to make it smoother. This method did work but at a cost. I was straightening my hair daily every morning. It would take a lot of heat to get my hair straight enough. I could smell my hair frying off. Years later, my ends were a mess. There was a lot of breakage and I still had dry hair. The easiest method to healthier looking hair isn’t always the answer.

Every time I would go to the salon to get my haircut, they would tell me how dry and damaged my hair looked. They would always recommend deep conditioners, heat protectant or chopping more of my hair off to get rid of the bad ends. The stuff they were trying to sell me were expensive and not something I wanted to try. In my experience, deep conditioners don’t work long term. I would be spending over $20 on a product that would work on my hair for about 2 weeks and then make my hair dry again. Heat protectants leave my hair oily after a few hours. It got me thinking that I am just meant to have dry and damaged hair.

A couple years ago, I started seeing a lot of natural hair products at stores. They aren’t supposed to be as drying because they don’t strip your hairs natural oils. I first tried Shea Moisture. It left a gross sticky film on my hair. I had to give the stuff away to my sister. Next I tried Love Beauty Planet. It seemed to would for 2 washes. After that, it left my hair gross. Even though I have never used a natural product before, I know it shouldn’t leave my hair gross. The adjustment period is false to get you to spend more on their products when they don’t work.

After doing a lot of research about natural cleansers, I found out Herbal Essence new natural line would be a good fit for me. I tried the honey and vitamin B one. I loved it. It worked so well. My hair was clean after it dried and my hair wasn’t as dried out. I also added in coconut oil and a clarifying shampoo into my routine. I was afraid to buy coconut because it can be drying depending on your hair type. I found out that my hair loves coconut oil. It makes my hair soft and shiny.

The exact routine I followed was using the Herbal Essence honey and vitamin B shampoo and conditioner every other day. Once a month I did a coconut oil hair mask and used the clarifying shampoo to rinse it out. This routine worked perfect with my hair type for a little over a year.

A month ago, the natural hair products weren’t working anymore. My hair wasn’t soaking in the conditioning ingredients. It was just sitting on top of my hair, leaving it stiff and gross feeling. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening. My hair has always accepted moisturizing products. I have never ran across one my hair rejected. I decided to try my other old moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I had the same result. My hair wouldn’t soak it in. I tried just using my clarifying shampoo a few times. My hair loved it. My hair wasn’t left feeling dry after a couple washes.

I have been shocked with how my hair has changed through this process of using natural shampoo and conditioner. The one thing that hasn’t been fixed is my dry ends. Coconut oil is the only thing that helps them.

Even though though I have had mixed results with this routine, I am happy with results. I have discovered different things that work for my hair that I have never thought would have worked.

Have you ever had a weird hair journey?

8 thoughts on “My Journey To Healthy Hair

  1. i use a shampoo with conditioner on most days but use a clarifying one after several washes as to re-establish a more neutral balance in my hair. of course it all depends on your hair type for what you do. also, women , as they age, have greater changes in their hormones than men. since i no longer work, i dont wash my hair as often, depending on what my daily activity is. less frequent washing has left my hair more manageable. well, at least what hair i have left. lol

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    1. Most men I know do the same thing. I haven’t seen guys use a separate conditioner.

      I have oily fine hair so I can’t go more than one day between washing. I tried and ended up losing hair

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      1. i also have oily, fine hair and i try and stay away from “heavy” conditioners. i use to use a separate shampoo and conditioner, but for the sake of condensing time, use a 2 in 1. i also blow dry my hair. what hair i have left. lol i forgot to ask, is the phot of you and your hair???

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