How My Weekend Has Been

I have had a weird couple of weeks. I had an issue with my car that fixed itself, had to go Christmas shopping and do some cleaning. I haven’t had a lot of things to worry about for most of the year other than planning things with my boyfriend.

A week after I had gotten the oil changed on my car, the check engine light turned on. I was panicking because when this happened with my last car, no one could figure out why and I didn’t have the money back then to spend a few hundred fixing it. Eventually that car literally started dying on me and had to replace it. I called the dealership and they didn’t have an opening until January. I kind of expected that. With my limited schedule and the holidays, I know it can be hard to get your car in.

Since the wait was so long to get my car in, I went through the list of things they suggested that needed to be done to see if they caused the issues I was having. My car was having issues starting, accelerating and shaking. There were also some odd noises.

One the things the dealership suggested I do is get the air filters changed. That was one of the things I skipped on last time. I only got the transmission flush done. When I was doing research on the air filters, I found out that the issues I was experiencing were because of the air filters being dirty. It also said that dirty air filters can cause the check engine light to turn on. It is rare but can happen.

I went to Jiffy Lube to get the filters changed. My car was running so smoothly when I left there. All the issues I was having were gone. I was able to gain speed faster. The car started fast. There was less shaking and noises.

They say the check engine is supposed to turn off after driving about 45 miles. It never turned off. I went to auto zone to have the code read for free. It said there was an issue with the air flow. This type of code can come up when the air filters are dirty but there are also a number of other things that can cause it too. My boyfriend was telling me and showing me all the things it could be. I panicked because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money again this year on my car. I had already spent over $2000 on repairs and my car loan isn’t paid off yet.

I made an earlier appointment at tires plus because they had a time open within the next couple days. I was worried something worse could happen if I waited until January. It was too risky when this is the only car I have. The day after I made this appointment, the check engine light turned off. I didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing. I kept my appointment up until the morning of the appointment. The check engine light never came back on. My only guess is it was a misfire caused by the dirty air filters or from another car part. I am glad though that I don’t need to spend money on it right now.

This past weekend, I did all of my Christmas shopping. I decided to get my nieces a Got2Glow Fairy Finder. The best place to get this toy was at Target. Since I was there, I decided to get all of my families presents at Target. I bought all of the gifts with the Christmas gift card I got from work. I got my youngest sister a gift card and my other sister some stuff for the kitchen. I got my mom the Olay gift set and my dad a gift card for Kwik Trip. My boyfriend wanted the Axe gift set.

I went to the dollar to get gift bags to put everything in. They were all out of wrapping paper the day I went. I overestimated the size of my nieces gift when I bought the bags. Their gift is inside a bag triple the size. I just have to write names on everything.

I have social anxiety. It makes being around all of my family very hard. The only I really do while there is be by myself. I don’t talk to anybody. It doesn’t matter that these are the people I am around the most. I still have a hard time talking to them.

How has your week been?

3 thoughts on “How My Weekend Has Been

  1. I’m glad the car has been okay since then. Cars can be crazy expensive to fix when things go wrong.

    The only person I bought a Christmas gift for this year was my niece. I do most shopping for things on Amazon these days, since it’s just so much easier than having to go into a store.

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  2. I got my mom the Olay gift set one year and it gave her a skin rash which was weird. We aren’t going home for Christmas d/t the pandemic and my parents say they don’t want anything. My husband wants a new actifry so I agreed to help pay for it. That’s the extent of my Christmas shopping this year. Anything we got from family arrived in boxes from Amazon which I still need to wrap. No stockings this year.

    This year, I just want to buy some lottery scratch tickets and some pink wine. Maybe some candy cane white chocolate Hershey kisses which are surprisingly good. I found a $50 bill in my purse which I forgot about and plan to use tha to buy these things for Christmas Day.


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