My Favorite Stretches To Calm Myself

Stretching has been becoming more popular as the best form of weightloss for many reasons. It can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can calm your mind and make you feel more relaxed after a stressful day. I am on my feet for 9 hours a day and I workout. I have found stretching to … Continue reading My Favorite Stretches To Calm Myself

How My Weekend Has Been

I have had a weird couple of weeks. I had an issue with my car that fixed itself, had to go Christmas shopping and do some cleaning. I haven't had a lot of things to worry about for most of the year other than planning things with my boyfriend. A week after I had gotten … Continue reading How My Weekend Has Been

Does The New DoFasting App Promote Disordered Eating?

A new app that is said to help with intermittent fasting is getting backlash for promoting disordered eating. The app is called DoFasting. I am the type of person who usually stays away from these kind of things because I don't like dieting anymore. It can easily become an obsession for me and turn into … Continue reading Does The New DoFasting App Promote Disordered Eating?

Should Our Past Mistakes Ruin Our Futures?

Lately on YouTube, there have been many longtime creators quitting YouTube because of past mistakes. One in particular is Shane Dawson. I have been watching him since I was high school. He recently started getting bullied for racists and sexual comments he has made about children. There could more but these stand out to me … Continue reading Should Our Past Mistakes Ruin Our Futures?

What Is Hypnotherapy?

According to WebMD, hypnotherapy is a guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance. A session will start out by helping you to relax and deeply focus on a specific time in your life. Once you reach this point, you block out everything … Continue reading What Is Hypnotherapy?