My 2019 Reflection

Many good things have happened in my life in 2019. Many bad things have happened also. I never thought I would be owning my own home, still be in a relationship, blogging or be working at the same job. Despite bad things happening, they turned into good things in the end for the most part. … Continue reading My 2019 Reflection

My 2019 Blog Stats

Ashley from Mental Health @ Home did a post talking about her blog stats for the year. I though I would do the same. I haven't been blogging the whole year. I started getting into it around April. I had a lot of free time and needing something to fill it with. That is when … Continue reading My 2019 Blog Stats

Ways To Develop A Creative Mindset

Having a creative mindset can help you feel like your living your life more freely and you help you feel like you aren't trapped in your current state. Without it, succeeding in your goals in life can be difficult. This means creativity can be what you want to do in your free time or in … Continue reading Ways To Develop A Creative Mindset

What Is Living With Fear Of Abandonment Like?

Growing up, I always worried about when my parents would come back home. I would ask them what time they will be back when they left. If they didn't come back at that exact time, I called them until they answered or I heard them coming through the door. I remember questioning them like I … Continue reading What Is Living With Fear Of Abandonment Like?

How To Make Friends When You Have Social Anxiety

I was diagnosed with social anxiety in middle school. Since then, I have never had any real friends, only people I talk to. Before that time, I did have a couple friends. After a while, we different apart. I have had a difficult time talking to people and feeling comfortable around other people to make … Continue reading How To Make Friends When You Have Social Anxiety