I Am Ready For Christmas


I have heard horror stories from some of my favorite bloggers about Christmas shopping. Yesterday, I went to Target after work to pick up my sisters gift card. I went at night. There was a lot of traffic and the store was busy. I parked in the far back away from everyone so I could leave easier. It was my first time at that Target. The gift cards were right at the doors I entered in at. I selected the scented one. I was able to pay for it quickly and leave quickly.

My mom called me to ask me if I will be staying the night the day before Christmas. Heading her way in the evenings looks difficult because there is a lot of traffic. I work that day. When I get off work, everyone is heading back the way I just came from. She is worried I won’t show up for Christmas because of that or that I will be late. I told her that no matter what I will be there. Staying the night would mean I will have more stuff to carry up the stairs into my place. I can’t leave my puppy inside while I do that because he always barks at me for leaving him behind.

I think it has more to do with how I don’t like going to things. My bad habit is saying yes to going but not showing up. She wants to make sure I will show up no matter what. I get it why she acted like she did when I think about the times I said yes without showing up.

Last week, I had someone from the county ask for the previous owner because they had paperwork for the to sign. I told them I am the owner of the place now and that I moved their last December. When he asked if I knew them, I said I didn’t. During the process of getting my place, I had no contact or meeting with the previous owner. They signed their part of the paperwork before I did.

I receive the previous owners mail from the county and other places all the time. It makes me wonder why they never changed their address with them. From the outside of the mail, it seems like very important stuff. Are they trying to ignore what they need to do? Are they trying to ignore bills? I don’t like having to answer to them or getting my mailbox stuffed with their mail. I now know the name of every person that stayed their before I moved in. For my one bedroom apartment, there was like 5 people living there receiving mail.

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