Blogging Insights#22-Writer’s Self Doubt


This writing prompt was published by Salted Caramel.

Question How often are you afflicted by self doubt and what do you do about it?

I am not a confident person. This reflects in my writing. If you were to look at my drafts on here, you would find a lot of blog posts I haven’t published. There would be more if I hadn’t deleted a few. I feel like the ones I deleted were horribly written and uninteresting topics no one would want to read. There are even bad ones I published that no one commented on or read. I published them because I didn’t want to waste them or take the time to wait until I came up with a better topic. I still want to post my drafts when I feel ready to.

When I feel like I am having troubles with my writing, I like to step away until I have ideas and am confident enough to write again. It happened this year after I was sick. I took a long break and came up with great topics that I noticed happening around me. Rather than giving up what you love entirely, it’s best to come up with a way to handle the parts that are difficult.


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